Why Dpfm 

We pride ourselves on our approach to routine maintenance, reactive issues and compliance. We understand that your business is unique and we believe that your maintenance or managing agent should be too.

Our contractors are our most valuable asset and we pride ourselves on our commitment to the quality and level of expertise within each trade we use. We use only skilled and qualified tradesmen and woman. Regardless of whether the services we provide is for a single service, or bundled services, we can assure you of our utmost care and attention.

While we appreciate that maintenance budgets are under constant scrutiny, and that you expect the most from your available service charge or available budget; We offer you dedicated reporting to ensure that we achieve cost effectiveness across the board. We are able to predict future expenditure based upon an effective planned maintenance programme. Our team can provide advice on how best to mitigate your budgets in both the short and long term.

Due to our sole focus being upon Block and Facilities Management, we have a good understanding of the needs of your business. We encourage a structured and planned approach to maintenance; both in the short and long term.


Facilities Management

Whether you need a planned or a reactive maintenance programme, we can ensure you are safe, secure and legally compliant.


Maintenance Programmes

Different properties may require varying approaches to their maintenance regimes, to find the best ratio of planned to reactive maintenance, we carry out initial site inspections and from those inspections we set out what we believe to be the best overall approach. Once defined, our software will manage your maintenance programme budget. Planned site inspections help us to keep abreast of the needs of the site or complex.