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Claims Management 

Our project contractors are qualified in Flood Damage Restoration.  At Dpfm we have a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge in dealing with your Insurance Claims.

Managing Apartment blocks inevitably leads to calls regarding Insurance claims: there are a variety of reasons for claims; within Block Management it tends to be escapes of water. Our approach to these incidents is that of being pragmatic. We have agreements in place with our Insurers which permit us to deal with claims from initial reporting to obtaining costs from our preferred contractors list to the completion of the claim. Due to our extensive experience, we know the questions to ask and what information needs to be disclosed.

We use the information gathered to help settle your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Claims Management Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our Services relating to Claims Management:

  • Emergency 24 hour call out.

  • Complete Project Management.

  • Claim preparation: liaising with the insurance company and loss adjuster (when necessary) to progress the claim as quickly as is possible.

  • Meeting with the loss adjuster to agree settlement on behalf of you or the company.

  • Full restoration of damaged property.

  • Water extraction and removal of flood water.

  • Drying of buildings.

  • Dry certificates where required.

  • Drying and sanitizing of carpets and furnishings (if covered under the policy).

  • Flood damage cleanup and controlled waste disposal, where necessary.

  • Prompt claim discussion to identify strategy.

  • Management time reduction in claim preparation.

  • Establishing realistic loss estimates to manage expectations.

  • Expediting the initial investigations to reduce settlement delay.

  • Prompt settlement of claim to save time and cost.