Health & Safety Risk Management

Belfast, Northern Ireland

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to support you with all your risk management, setting up policies and procedures, driving the adherence and compliance across your complex. We ensure you are fully compliant with current regulation and legislation.  We undertake full assessments, identify risks and implement procedures to insure full compliance.  Our contractors offer information, advice on training to ensure legal compliance and continued improvement.

Water management & Purification

Water Treatment programmes are devised to meet the specific needs of each complex. Hygienic maintenance programs provide water quality to ensure compliance with current legislative and regulatory requirements.

Water Treatment, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Fire Risk Assessments

The Fire & Rescue Services (NI) Order 2006 and the Fire Safety (NI) Regulations 2010 require any person with control to complete or commission a Fire Risk Assessment. It is a legal requirement to have a suitability qualified individual / Contractor to complete the assessment, evaluate the premises in terms of fire safety and to identify measures to remove / reduce possible fire risks.

fire risk

Fire Alarm & Smoke Vent Systems

Statistics show that there are over 50,000 fires in dwellings in the UK annually and more than 300 fatalities, most of which are caused by the effects of smoke.  In apartment buildings, there is the need to protect the escape routes so as to enable occupants to escape and thus assist fire authorities in their task of dealing with the source of the incident.

Electronic Access controls

lift inspections

electric gates

sewage pumps

These are areas vital to the everyday smooth running of apartment blocks and complexes, but rarely given any thought or consideration by those living within their apartments.